The Great Prank War

The Great Prank War 1.0.3

Zany tower defense mayhem with the stars of Regular Show

The Great Prank War is a madcap tower defense/action game starring characters from Cartoon Network's Regular Show.

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  • Fun graphics and presentation
  • Great boss battles
  • Regular Show fans will enjoy it


  • A bit too easy to get through
  • No multiplayer

Not bad

The Great Prank War is a madcap tower defense/action game starring characters from Cartoon Network's Regular Show.

Pranks a lot

The plot of The Great Prank War is based around rival park owner, Gene, getting hold of a time machine and wreaking havoc on the park. It's up to heroes Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Skips to save the day by using their bizarre powers, which include flinging toilet paper, lobbing eggs, and letting off fart bombs. As you might have guessed, it's a pretty childish game!

The Great Prank War is based around the tower defense genre, though there are other gameplay elements present. The aim is to progress through each level by bashing bizarre bad guys with one of two interchangeable characters, as well as constructing towers armed with guns that fire turkeys, glue, eggs and such.

As you attack the minions your character will lose health points, but you can switch to your other hero before the health drains completely. Characters health replenishes when they are sitting out, so the trick is to keep switching. If you don't switch in time and a character runs out of health you need to start from the beginning.

You'll find as you go that it's possible to simply walk around most of the minions and leave all the attacking to the towers. As soon as you figure this out, you realize that The Great Prank War is actually pretty easy to get through.

Levels are set across four seasons, and there are four levels per season. Completing them all should take you less than a couple of hours, making The Great Prank War a pretty brief battle. Although you have side challenges and the lure of getting three stars per level, there's not much incentive to come back and do it all again, and with no multiplayer options it's an experience that leaves you a bit empty in the end.

Get in the war

The controls in The Great Prank War don't take a lot of getting used to. All you need to do is tap on an area and your character will walk towards the 'x' that appears on that spot. You can tap enemies to start attacking them or just walk close enough and your dude will automatically engage in combat with them.

One of the few things you need to remember when playing is to tap on your towers every now and then to repair them. Other than that, The Great Prank War almost plays itself.

Park life

The design of The Great Prank War is excellent. The park scenarios have been loving crafted, and they change with the seasons. Characters look as kooky as they do in Regular Show and the music and sound effects are fun.

The Great Prank War will appeal to kids of a certain age, fans of Regular Show, and anyone who likes fart noises. Everyone else will probably be put off by its repetitive gameplay, short completion time, and lack of multiplayer.

The Great Prank War


The Great Prank War 1.0.3

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